Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic Consulting's Founding Partner, CTO, and Technology Practice Leader explores how Synaptic clients have achieved

          - Time-to-Market reductions of 15% to 20%
          - Estimation Accuracy improvements of 20% to 30%
          - Quality improvements reducing customer reported issues > 20%

in diverse projects spanning Web and Mobile Development, Fintech and Payment Systems, Consumer Electronics Embedded Computing, Mechatronics and Robotics.

Risk Modulated Project Management (RMPM) dynamically combines the rigor of Plan-Driven Methods with the speed and flexibility of Agile on a project-by-project basis to bring the right amount of planning and oversight with the least amount of bureaucratic overhead prudently possible -- for projects large and small.

RMPM is not a single monolithic Project Management methodology, but rather a compiler that takes in the unique aspects of every project and produces the right methodology for each and every one.

Here Mr. Anthony presents the highlights and overall structure of RMPM, and here is an interview with him discussing RMPM's use with various Synaptic clients. A brief video further explores RMPM details and it's script is available here.

Jeffrey Anthony Synaptic Consulting Founding Partner and Creator of Risk Modulated Project Management is available for questions by appointment at
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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