Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic Consulting's Founding Partner, CTO, and Technology Practice Leader explores how Synaptic clients have achieved

          - Time-to-Market reductions of 15% to 20%
          - Estimation Accuracy improvements of 20% to 30%
          - Quality improvements reducing customer reported issues > 20%

in diverse projects spanning Web and Mobile Development, Fintech and Payment Systems, Consumer Electronics Embedded Computing, Mechatronics and Robotics.

Risk Modulated Project Management (RMPM) dynamically combines the rigor of Plan-Driven Methods with the speed and flexibility of Agile on a project-by-project basis to bring the right amount of planning and oversight with the least amount of bureaucratic overhead prudently possible -- for projects large and small.

RMPM is not a single monolithic Project Management methodology, but rather a compiler that takes in the unique aspects of every project and produces the right methodology for each and every one.

Here Mr. Anthony presents the highlights and overall structure of RMPM, and here is an interview with him discussing RMPM's use with various Synaptic clients. A brief video further explores RMPM details and it's script is available here.

Jeffrey Anthony Synaptic Consulting Founding Partner and Creator of Risk Modulated Project Management is available for questions by appointment at
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RMPM℠ Video Script Presented by Jeffrey Anthony Synaptic Consulting

Synaptic Consulting
Risk Modulated Project Management℠ Pecha Kucha

Title Card:
Synaptic Risk Modulated Project Management

Cut To:
Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic Consulting at front of open area outside Synaptic Consulting offices

Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic Consulting

I’m Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic Consulting Partner, Chief Technology Officer, and Technology Practice Leader.

Synaptic’s Risk Modulated Project Management℠ methodology -- known as RMPM℠ -- has empowered our clients to deliver high quality, high margin products that precisely meet customer needs.


In over two decades of use and constant refinement, RMPM℠ has consistently helped businesses to:
  • Slash Time-to-Market on the order of 15%
  • Improve estimation accuracy of both product cost and project schedule by 20% to 30%
  • Reduce annual field failure rates by more than 20% on average

In addition to those quantitative improvements over clients’ product development and project management baseline performance, RMPM℠ delivers powerful qualitative benefits such as
  • Building a durable culture of delivery across the enterprise
  • Breaking down “silos” to put all players from all business functions -- both within their organization AND their customers’ -- truly “on the same team”
  • Bringing their business in closer communication and tighter, more productive collaboration with customers than ever before

We’d like to present a Pecha Kacha -- 20 slides at 20 seconds each -- illustrating just how Risk Modulated Project Management℠ can help transform your business’ product development and project management efforts.
Here’s the brief:
  • RMPM℠ puts the continuous assessment and mitigation of a broad collection of risk categories at the heart of its Product Development and Project Management architecture
    • It “modulates” the level and degree of project management rigor and detail against risk…
    • ...using less structured, more efficient Agile techniques on lower risk project areas -- or sub-projects as we call them…
    • ...and applying more highly structured Plan Driven PMBOK-like techniques to sub-projects where risk is greater
    • This “modulation” ensures the lowest level of *overall* management overhead prudently possible
  • RMPM℠ is comprised of a suite of methodologies fully integrating all aspects of the Product Development Lifecycle to deliver
    • Customer empowering early ideation
    • Laser-focused requirements capture and specification definition from a 360 degree, multi-disciplinary vantage
    • And rigorous project planning, execution, and monitoring
    • ...all under a field-proven, highly-effective, end-to-end Quality regimen
Risk Modulated Project Management℠ delivers high quality, high margin products -- that not just *satisfy* customers but *delight* them -- on-time, on-budget, and to specification.


But enough with the introduction, on to the presentation…

Cut to:
RMPM℠ Pecha Kucha Slide Deck

Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic Consulting
(Slide 1) Risk Modulated Project Management℠ (RMPM℠) continually monitors and mitigates project risks to improve:
  • Time-to-Market on the order of 15%
  • Estimation accuracy of project cost and schedule by 20% to 30%
  • Field failure rates on average by more than 20%
(Slide 2) RMPM℠ provides proven methods to discover insightful customer requirements -- without the guesswork -- to eliminate unnecessary, low-ROI features and functions – fighting the costs and delays resulting from “creeping featuritis.”
(Slide 3)
RMPM℠ continually tracks all pertinent project risks to drive the development of evolving mitigation plans before risks become problems - and before problems derail projects.

(Slide 4)
RMPM℠ dramatically lowers Project Management overhead by dynamically merging the best of Agile and Plan-Driven methodologies -- to require only as much PM bandwidth and overhead as needed on a subproject-by-subproject basis.

(Slide 5)
RMPM℠ combats “surprises” with a rigorous system to provide crisp, near real-time alerts custom tailored for each management level -- empowering business leaders to effectively intervene when necessary.

(Slide 6)
RMPM℠ is not just Project Management
It’s an end-to-end, enterprise-wide management architecture for creating products sooner, better, and more profitably.
It drives deep collaboration among all business functions within your organization AND your customers’...
...breaking down the silos that impede communication and productivity

(Slide 7)
RMPM℠ was developed by Jeffrey Anthony Synaptic Consulting partner and CTO Jeffrey.

A former M+M Mars / MEI Global Engineering VP and current University Lecturer in Product Development, Synaptic’s Jeffrey Anthony has refined the process over two decades in industries like consumer electronics, robotics, software development, banking systems, and industrial manufacturing of numerous kinds.

(Slide 8)
RMPM Empowered Customer Innovation℠ Requirements Methodology (Part 1)

Synaptic’s Empowered Customer Innovation℠ combs product requirements input from all business functions within your customers’ organizations AND their counterparts in your own – because elements of successful products are defined very differently by functions such as Sales & Marketing, R&D, Finance, and Operations.

(Slide 9)
RMPM Empowered Customer Innovation℠ Requirements Methodology (Part 2)

ECI℠ uses the power of Focus Groups (traditionally used in advertising) for a “deep dive” discovery of customer needs – pulling facts from guesses to provide a holistic view of real product requirements. It ranks functions and features by Return on Investment to avoid wasted cost, effort, and time.
(Slide 10)
RMPM Risk Radar℠ Risk Assessment / Mitigation Methodology

Risk Radar℠ provides continuous, multi-disciplinary, risk assessment and mitigation planning
  • ...for all activities
  • ...determining criticality and magnitude
  • ...mitigating risks before they derail schedule and budget
It drives RMPM℠’s 20%+ improvement of time-to-market, estimation accuracy, and Quality.

(Slide 11)
RMPM Informed Targeting℠ Estimation Methodology

Informed Targeting℠ works with Risk Radar℠ to
  • ...“reality check” estimations against assessed risk
  • ...eliminate undue optimism or pessimism leading to impression
  • ...provide a ranged estimate of the likelihood of tasks’ completion dates on a bell curve
  • estimation throughout the project

(Slide 12)
RMPM Project Pulse℠ Project Execution Methodology

Project Pulse℠ is the day-to-day execution mechanism of RMPM℠, it:
  • ...rebalances Agile and Plan-Driven methods for sub-projects to minimize PM overhead
  • ...triggers all component RMPM℠ methodologies
  • ...serves as the “heartbeat” ensuring the right things get done at the right time by the right people

(Slide 13)
RMPM Alert Broadcast℠ Management Reporting Methodology

RMPM Alert Broadcast℠
  • a rich portfolio of reporting templates finely tailored to the needs of all levels of management and all types of stakeholders
  • ...provides highly actionable up-to-the minute intelligence to empower managers to intervene when necessary
(Slide 14)
RMPM Bedrock Quality℠ Quality Assurance Methodology

The Bedrock Quality℠ methodology
  • Reduces field failure rates by on average more than 20%
  • Is built on Test Driven Design foundation
  • Builds-in Quality at every step of the project – not just relying on periodic and final testing

(Slide 15)
RMPM Legacy Learning℠ Continuous Improvement Methodology

The Legacy Learning℠ methodology
  • Ensures that “collective wisdom” is preserved and carried forward from project to project and from contributor to contributor
  • Is performed at the beginning and end of each project
  • Is reviewed periodically throughout project

(Slide 16)
Early Project Activities
  1. Empowered Customer Innovation℠ combs the right features and functions
  2. The Legacy Learning℠ exercise brings insights on how to achieve them – better than previous projects
  3. The Risk Radar℠ exercise assess all pertinent risks for better execution
  4. Informed Targeting℠ brings laser focus to accurate cost and schedule estimations

(Slide 17)
Weekly to N-Weekly Activities

  • Project Pulse℠ “is the heartbeat” of project execution
  • Risk Radar℠ exercises predict upcoming challenges
  • Alert Broadcast℠ bulletins keep management firmly in the loop

(Slide 18)
At Key Pre-Defined Stage-Gates

At Stage-Gates:
  • Sub-projects are rebalanced between Agile and Plan-Driven methods as necessary
  • Legacy Learning℠ output is reviewed to ensure past mistakes are not being repeated
  • Alert Broadcast℠ trend analysis determines if the project is progressing at the necessary pace
(Slide 19)
At Project Completion

A final Legacy Learning℠ exercise is performed to pave the way for the next project to be even more productive and effective than the last...

(Slide 20)
Practiced Rigorously, RMPM℠:
  • Builds a culture of delivery across the enterprise
  • Breaks down “silos” to put all players from all business functions truly “on the team”
  • Brings your business in closer communications with customers than ever before

Cut To:
Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic Consulting at front of open area outside Synaptic’s offices.

Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic Consulting

We hope you’ve found this presentation compelling.

Synaptic Consulting delivers the benefits of Risk Modulated Project Management℠ to our clients through one or more of the following modes:
  • Training: where we instruct your staff in the usage of RMPM℠ via a custom-tailored training event
  • Consulting: where we deploy RMPM℠ throughout your business side-by-side with your staff until they reach a high level of expertise and comfort
  • Or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): where we facilitate and guide your business’ RMPM℠-based project office on an ongoing basis

The later BPO mode has proven extraordinarily effective for many of our clients. In this mode, Synaptic Consulting brings to our clients’ projects an outsider’s unbiased, dispassionate assessment of threats and challenges with, at the same time, an insider’s passionate commitment to their success.

To see exactly how Risk Modulated Project Management℠ can work for your business to dramatically improve execution and build an enterprise-wide culture of delivery, please phone us at 866.318.3302. Or visit us on the web at

Synaptic Consulting.

Delivering the results you want.

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Closing Title Card

Female Voiceover

Synaptic Consulting’s Finance and Technology Practices offer Consulting, Training, and Business Process Outsourcing Services throughout the Americas and the European Union delivered by its Partners, Associates, and Subsidiaries.

For more service portfolio information, please visit Synaptic on the web at, or phone at 866.318.3302.

Synaptic Consulting: Delivering the Results You Want. Sooner.

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About the Author:

Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic Consulting, Allentown PA
is a founding partner at Synaptic Consulting. He previously served as Vice President of Global Engineering at M+M Mars/MEI and in a variety of senior leadership roles at the German multinational ORGA Kartensysteme GmbH and, prior to that, at Corby Industries. He also currently serves as a Lecturer at Lehigh University where he teaches a year-long course in Product Development and Project Management. Prior to joining Synaptic Consulting, Jeffrey Anthony developed the Risk Modulated Project Management℠ (RMPM℠) methodology on which he holds a process patent.

This publication contains general information only and is based on the experience and research of
Synaptic Consulting practitioners. It is not a substitute for professional advice or services, nor
should it be used as a basis for any action that may affect your business. Synaptic Consulting and
related entities shall not be responsible for any loss by any person who relies on this publication.

About Synaptic Consulting
Synaptic Consulting offers Consulting, Training, and Business Process Outsourcing services
throughout The Americas and the E.U. though its Finance and Technology practices. For more
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